10 tips for a successful video interview

When interviewing for a new position, you may be asked for it to be conducted over video (Teams, Skype, Zoom). This may seem daunting doing a formal interview from the comfort of your living room. So here are Stratton Recruitments top 10 tips for a successful video interview.

Prepare just like you would for an In-Person Interview

Just because you aren’t shaking hands, does not mean you should be less prepared! You need to come across as professional as possible. Preparing specialist terms and practicing how to speak their language shows you have initiative and are able to adapt to a given situation.

Dress to impress

A suit or a dress is always the best way to go; please remember to wear some trousers. Even a shirt and tie is suitable! If you dress professionally, you will be taken more seriously, and you will prove that you want to be considered for the role.

Choose a suitable location

A place in your house that has minimal details, a simple setup would be against a blank wall (or if you can’t as blank as possible). This will help engage the interviewer and not cause any unwarranted distractions. Some situations cannot be avoided and your interviewer will understand, it does not need to be perfect.

Minimise interruptions

Pets or children should not be able to storm in and interrupt you, it will disrupt the flow of your interview and can ruin questions or answers. It is also unprofessional, however it may be unavoidable, if so, lets hope your interviewer adores your child or pet!  

Study your body language

A good posture can carry what you say to your interviewer miles farther than if you are slumped against your computer. Using your hands whilst talking is also a good way to convey emotion and certainty.

Double check your tech

Make sure before you start the call that your camera (if needed) and microphone are working to the best quality they can. It can set a bitter mood if you join your call and your interviewer is unable to hear or see you.

Have a pen and paper ready

You need to take notes throughout the interview just as much as they do! It shows good initiative and that you are prepared to learn. Your notes can also be used as a reference for how future video interviews could possibly go! (if you need to have anymore.

Ask questions

Do not be afraid to ask them questions once the interview is over, they will no doubt ask you if you have any questions for them. This is not a trap, it is an option to ask them how they think the interview went and what you could do better in the future!

Do some trial runs

There is nothing wrong with practicing with a friend, or in front of a mirror. You could even record yourself and share it with your friends or family to get some constructive feedback about your setting, sound quality, lighting.

Log on at least 5 minutes before your time

Typically there will be a created room to where the interview will be conducted, you should aim to enter this at least five minutes before your interview. This shows you have initiative and are well prepared for your interview.

We at Stratton Recruitment are here to offer professional help in securing your next role. Any questions on how else you could prepare? Get in touch!


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