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    Why do companies choose Stratton Recruitment?​

    We want clients to receive the best service & we aim to become your indispensable recruitment partner, constantly inventing creative ways to help you recruit staff and plan for the future.

    We strive to be the best and have access a large network of candidates as well as leading technology to ensure we are always attracting the best talent on the market and one step ahead of our competition.

    It’s imperative that we make it our mission to understand our client’s needs the best we can, it’s this personal approach that sets us apart, delivering you the perfect candidate and solution. This collaborative approach results in committed, long-term relationships, giving you a service, you trust and rely on for many years to come.

    Our unique pricing model allows us to help businesses of all shapes and sizes, saving them a small fortune in recruitment fees whilst giving them the very best talent on the market. This modernised fee structure allows us to be unique, delivering you a service of smart investment & piece of mind

    We inspire each other to reach our personal goals and our clients to reach theirs too. All we ask of you is to use us once to see why our clients love what we do.